1954-xmas-bob-cratchit.jpgBob Cratchit is one of Scrooge´s workers. He is a fair person and a very nice father for his kids Martha, Belinda, Peter, his other daughter, his other son and of course Tiny Tim. Although the family don´t have as much money, he is trying to give them everything they need and he is giving them a lot of love, for example on Christmas. Everybody can see that the family is very poor, but none of them really feels it, because they are just happy to celebrate it together as a family which is loving each other. We can see that Bob Cratchit is a fair and kind person, because he toasted for his boss, even if his boss (Ebenezer Scrooge) is a very mean person and not valuing him as much as he should. Bob is caring a lot about his youngest son Tiny Tim, because Tiny Tim is very ill and even if he knows that Timothy will die soon, he feels confident about it that something good will happen, which actually does, because Scrooge turns, after he realized what a bad and cold person he is, to a nice boss and also to a kind of second father of his childs.