1999-xmas-past.jpgThe Ghost of the Christmas past is one of the three Spirits that are visiting Scrooge. The Ghost is genderless and appears to oscillate between young and old faces, but has the approximate size of a child. Its constant shift in appearance is evocative of the way that the past is filled with numerous memories that may blend togeter at times. While Scrooge was journeying with the Ghost, he was aware that the spirit represents his past, and he is shown scenes his childhood and forward. These include several of his childhood Christmases in the school classroom, the breakup of his love relationship because he loved money too much, and a special Christmas celebration at the warehouse of his former employer Mr. Fezziwig. The Visit with the Spirit ends with Scrooge viewing the family and children of the women he once loved (His fianceĀ“Belle). Having opened his heart, the Spirit nearly breaks it by showing him how his choices could have made him happy instead of miserable.