1970-song-future.jpgThe Spirit is the last of the three Spirits which visited Scrooge. Scrooge finds the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come the most fearsome of the spirits; he appears to Scrooge as a figure entirely muffled in a black hooded robe, except for a single gaunt hand with which he points. The weird thing about the third Spirit which is different from the others is, that he never speaks, but although that Scrooge understands him. The Ghost´s muteness and undefined features may also have been intended to represent the uncertainty of the future. The first thing he is showing to Scrooge are three wealthy gentlemen making light of a recent death, who remark that it will be a cheap funeral. Scrooge dont know who the Gentlemen are talking about... Next, Scrooge is shown the same dead person´s belongings being stolen and sold to a man called Old Joe. Ebenezer cannot get behind who they are talking about all the time, so they are showing him a next scene. The house of the Cratchits. In it the Cratchit´s mourning about Tiny Tim´s death. Which really touches Scrooges. Finally the Spirit is taking him to the last place. It´s a graveyard, where he is shown his own grave, and he realizes that the dead man of whom all the others spoke ill was himself.