s-1984-xmas-child-scrooge.jpg This little, lonely boy here is believe it or not, Ebenezer Scrooge in his younger ages. That picture shows him in a dark school class-room, lonely, reading a book, which was a typical scene for him while the other boys were playing outside or enjoying Christmas with there families. His parents didn´t really loved him or at least didn´t showed it to him. When the other boys could go home for the "Holly" days, he had to stay in school and read books. Little Scrooge was very often alone and that´s why he got used to it, as we can see now. He is an old man, which is not loving and which cannot receive any kind of love, even not the one from his own nephew Fred. The only person which really cared about him, when he was a little boy was his sister Fan, although her parents didn´t liked it she loved her brother very much.