chest pain right sideMedical Research! (London during the 1800's)

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I'm going to tell you about the Medical situations in London during the 1800's (The Industrial Time)

As you know, at that time sanitation to the people in London, didn't seem like a necessity. Many people didn't seem to care about taking showers or cleaning their laundry.


Drinking Water Problems

Not only that, people in London still were drinking water from the same water that was being contaminated with Sewage. This lead to the disease Cholera spreading through out London.


Cholera is a DEADLY water born disease that spreads by ingesting water or food that has been contaminated by bacteria.Intial symptoms for Cholera include diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps. As time goes on, and more fluid is lost, you become thirsty, your heart rate shoots up, you become tired. If cholera is not treated fast enough, it is very possible you can die.

What Action was Taken?

Dr John Snow and Rev. Whitehead were eager to prove their theory of how Cholera spread. They believed that cholera was spread from the bacteria ingested from the water from the sewer. Snow and Whitehead divised an experiment to see what was the cause of Cholera. They took a group of residents and observed where they got their drinking water from. From this experiment, they concluded that all the residents that got their water from the Broad Street Pump had been affected by Cholera. The solution to prevent this was to remove the pump handle.