s-1999-xmas-mr-fezziwig.jpgMr. Fezziwig was Scrooge´s master, he is of a jolly and jovial temperament, and though a good man of business, he´s also deeply interested in the happiness of his employees, and of other people the bussinesses located near him. As an employer he clearly inspires the respect of Scrooge and his fellow apprentice Dick Wilkins, who both quickly obey his order to make ready for the Christmas Ball Fezziwig has planned as a treat to the apprentices, himself, his family, and the neighbours.Perhaps one of the most delightful moments in Fezziwig’s Ball is the description of Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig dancing. Dickens writes of Fezziwig’s calves shining like moons, and him dancing quite deftly for a man of his generous size. A description of one part of the dance may puzzle the modern reader, when Dickens writes how Fezziwig “cut.” This is actually a leap into the air with a quick switch in position of the legs, and certainly does suggest that Scrooge’s former master knew his business on the dance floor, in addition to being a wonderful employer.